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Digital challenges at universities

Geisenheim University

Thesis registration, event management, business card ordering for employees and more...

There is hardly any limit to the digital challenges facing universities. Increasingly, processes are being implemented in a contemporary manner and thus digitally as well as web-based for all involved.

This means, for example, that from now on at Geisenheim University, applications for admission to bachelor's/master's theses will be submitted online by students. This simplifies processes and allocation procedures. The same applies to the dialog between students and the university. The added value for the departments themselves is obvious: the handling tasks for the actual awarding of all theses are bundled uniformly and digitally. As a result, the entire process becomes much clearer and more efficient to handle.

Another area of application for digital processes is event management at universities. Our Campus Events solution offers the possibility of web-based interaction between interested parties, participants and event organization teams. You can find our detailed reference report here.

Digitalization can also be used internally at universities for staff teams. The corporate design is a fixed and protected constant in the external presentation. To avoid "creative outliers", Geisenheim University uses our business card tool. This offers the possibility of ordering business cards online for employees basically only within the framework of all permissible corporate design specifications.

Our Mission

Technical implementation



Brain Appeal understands the higher education need for digital processes very well and has designed as well as implemented numerous web-based tools, software and websites over the past 20 years:

  • Semester tickets
  • Ticket stores
  • Applicant exchange
  • Partner databases
  • Test and quiz systems
  • Time recording
  • Study information portals
  • Photo uploads
  • Landing pages with target group optimized website entrance
  • Person plug-in for team representations on the university website

And much more. Do you have questions or a specific need? We look forward to hearing from you and are happy to help!