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Time recording for universities

Working time can be recorded in different ways. The most elegant is a solution that can be used online, mobile and at terminals. This means that estimates, feeding slips and Excel lists are finally a thing of the past, because the time recording software not only records the times, it also checks compliance with the rules (service agreement).


UPDATE 2020:

The time recording is now called Campus Time. More info can be found on Academic Hero: www.academic-hero.de



Benefits / Features

For companies / universities

  • Central and Uniform Time Recording
  • Compliance with the working time agreement / service agreement / TVöD (collective agreement of the public service) / TV-L (collective agreement of the state)
  • Up-to-date overview of working time account and vacation at any time
  • User administration: hierarchies, deputies, roles, rights
  • Processes: Release of vacation requests, absence in case of illness
  • Escalation: exceeding and falling short of working hours
  • Reporting for superiors (partially summed values)
  • Interface to third-party software (implemented: HIS-SVA)


For employees / supervisors

  • Simple operation
  • Use at the workstation PC, in the home office, via smartphone / tablet or terminal (employee ID card with RFID)
  • Overview of own working time / vacations
  • Normal working time account and long-term account for saving working time

Program packages and other solutions

The programs of Brain Appeal can be individualized, extended and combined:

Program package Career

Events program package

Solutions for the education sector

Solutions for agencies

Questions about this solution?

The range of functions of the time recording software we could list here only rudimentary. Please send me a message or call me so that I can inform you more individually.