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Event Manager TYPO3

The website is the central information medium of today. Events are also announced via it and, ideally, participation can also be booked directly online. The event manager provides support in organizing the participants.


Advantages / Functions

For providers (universities)

  • Integration of the event manager into existing TYPO3 site
  • Applicable for different (internal) event managers
  • Display of events incl. meta data
  • Registration mask with standard form + switchable fields
  • Automatic / manual waiting lists
  • Time saving for event planning

For participants

  • Participation in event with online booking system
  • Direct booking confirmation by e-mail
  • Automatic moving up when places become free


The "event manager TYPO3 is no longer under active development. The successor product is Campus Events, which can also display events in TYPO3.

Program packages and other solutions

The programs of Brain Appeal can be individualized, extended and combined:

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