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TYPO3 Monitoring

If you want to offer your customers a good service as an internet agency, you take care of the sites in operation and close security gaps promptly! With T3Monitor you can automatically determine which TYPO3 websites need an update and individually set how to proceed.

Advantages / Functions

For agencies

  • Several times daily check of all websites
  • Notification triggers can be set for each website (core, extension, bug, feature, security)
  • Automated request to the customer whether an update should be installed or direct update order to the agency (automatic notification by mail)
  • Central overview of all websites with a lot of additional information
  • Automatic documentation of updates
  • Simple and secure TYPO3 integration

For customers

  • Supporting agency with good service
  • Automated request to the customer whether an update should be applied
  • Ordering of the update via e-mail login for access to selected website data

Program packages and other solutions

The programs of Brain Appeal can be individualized, extended and combined:

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Events program package

Solutions for the education sector

Solutions for agencies

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