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Semester ticket

At many colleges and universities, students can purchase a semester ticket for the public transportation system (bus, train and streetcar). This application takes care of checking the student's purchase authorization in the booking process.


UPDATE 2020:

More inos to the Semester ticket can be found on Academic Hero: www.academic-hero.de


Advantages / Features

For providers (universities)

  • Conception based on individual circumstances (data and infrastructure)
  • One-time setup of the interface to the DB Regio transport network
  • Project management by Brain Appeal
  • Production operation only after successful 2-stage test phase
  • Very low maintenance effort for own IT

For students

  • Simple ordering in OTS (Online Ticket System)
  • Name, date of birth and matriculation number are sufficient to check eligibility
  • Protected data comparison with the university's authorization list


Program packages and other solutions

The programs of Brain Appeal can be individualized, extended and combined:

Program package Career

Events program package

Solutions for the education sector

Solutions for agencies


Mr. H.-D. Kleine-Stevermüer
Regional Head of Revenue Management, DB Regio AG, Dortmund

We, DB Regio AG, Region NRW, operate as a transport company with a large number of contractual partners in the university sector, issuing SemesterTickets - regionally and nationally - in accordance with contractually agreed principles. Various forms of distribution have been established for the sale of SemesterTickets in NRW. From our experience, online distribution has emerged as an effective form - with OnlineTickets.

This requires the university's server system to be networked with the system of our sales service provider and online store operator via a defined interface.

Together with the universities, we then commissioned the company Brain Appeal, which not only handles the coordination between various interface players, but also proactively participates in the linkage .

For us as a transport company, as well as for the universities, the very good service and excellent expertise of the company Brain Appeal has already proven itself many times. We would especially like to mention the fast processing of orders and the adherence to deadlines, which is highly valued in the market as part of sustainability.

We are always very happy to use the services of Brain Appeal GmbH.

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