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Job market

This training and job exchange can be used to fill vacancies. The platform expands the range of services offered by universities.

Advantages / Functions

For providers

  • Provision of an offer for prospective students and companies as self-service
  • Presentation of internships, final theses, jobs for working students and young professionals as well as trainee programs
  • Generation of revenues, e.g. with the subscription model (flat-rate annual fee)
  • No maintenance and operation of the platform by own IT necessary

For companies

  • Easy placement of ads for e.g. career starters, trainees and working students, internships and final theses
  • Deposit of company data and contact persons
  • Flat annual fee for unlimited number of ads (if subscription model activated)

For applicants

  • Parameterized search in the job database
  • Filtering according to industries and fields of activity
  • Area search
  • Search agent reports new matching jobs by e-mail

Demo system

Please contact us for your personal access data to the training and job exchange demo system. We would also be happy to present our solution to you in person.

Program packages and other solutions

The programs of Brain Appeal can be individualized, extended and combined:

Program package Career

Events program package

Solutions for the education sector

Solutions for agencies

Questions about this solution?

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Jörg Oswald