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ISI - Individual study information

ISI is an online service with which students can generate their own individual module handbook. Here, the possible study programs / subjects combinations are always displayed for selection.


UPDATE 2020:

ISI is now called Campus Docs. You can find more information on Academic Hero: www.academic-hero.de


Advantages / Features

For providers (universities)

  • Provision of a service offer for students
  • One-time configuration of the rules / system for the choice of courses / subjects
  • Specification of mandatory and optional documents
  • Deposit of the contents of the module handbook in PDF format
  • Simple exchange of documents during operation
  • No maintenance and operation of the platform by own IT necessary


For students

  • Step-by-step selection of desired study programs / subjects
  • Visual representation of possible combinations
  • Download of the individual module manual as PDF file

Program packages and other solutions

The programs of Brain Appeal can be individualized, extended and combined:

Program package Career

Events program package

Solutions for the education sector

Solutions for agencies

Questions about this solution?

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