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Company database / Company profiles

With the company database, educational institutions can present the company profiles of their partners particularly well and enable visitors to the site to filter them according to certain criteria and create an individual watch list.


UPDATE 2020:

The company database / company profiles is now called Campus Partner. You can find more information on Academic Hero: www.academic-hero.de


Examples of use

  • Presentation of company profiles for a dual study program (Bachelor / Master)
  • Presentation of cooperation partners
  • As a platform: In combination with the applicant exchange and / or test & quiz system

Advantages / functions

For providers (educational institution)

  • Provision of an offer for prospective students and companies
  • Placement of study places as a self-service without the need for support 
  • Update of data via interface
  • No maintenance and operation of the platform by in-house IT required
  • GDPR-compliant by design and by default
  • On request: paid premium profiles for companies

For applicants

  • Search for partner companies of the educational institution by specifying criteria
    • Degree program / fields of study
    • Radius around location
    • Direct search by company name
  • Watch list function with PDF generation
  • Saving the watch list in the account (optional)


For companies

  • Cost savings, as fewer / no job advertisements need to be placed
  • Presentation of the company (basic scope)
    • Contact details
    • Google Maps
    • Range of courses on offer (courses / fields of study)
    • Number of available study places (or as a traffic light)
    • Contact person
  • Presentation of the company (premium scope) as a supplement to the basic scope
    • More extensive information about the company
    • Pictures
    • videos
    • Contact box
    • Download center: Flyers, brochures, etc.


In use at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University:

Live page: DHBW Mannheim

Live page: DHBW CAS (Master)

Program packages and other solutions

The programs of Brain Appeal can be individualized, extended and combined:

Program package Career

Events program package

Solutions for the education sector

Solutions for agencies

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