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Information for future developers at Brain Appeal

We have some info for you!

As a manufacturer of software and technology company, development services are the core competence at Brain Appeal. Our software development team consists of experts in the field of content management system TYPO3 as well as professionals in the field of Symfony framework.


Technology stack - overview

If you are a young developer, a graduate of a college or university or a career changer, we have listed the main areas of our technology stack for you here:



"PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor", or PHP for short, is an open source scripting language. It is particularly suitable for web programming with HTML and CSS.

According to Wikipedia, PHP was used on about 244 million websites in early 2013 and was used by 79 % of all websites as a server-side programming language in early 2019. As of 04/2022, that number is 77.6%. PHP is the most commonly used server-side programming language for building website and also comes pre-installed with most web hosts.

Getting started with PHP? This way!

However, PHP is only the foundation. At Brain Appeal, we work with the PHP-based Symfony framework.



Symfony is a PHP framework with a very wide distribution, which is often used by professional PHP developers. For example, Symfony is used by Laravel, Zend Expressive, Google APIs Client Library, Facebook Ads API SDK, Google Cloud Platform SDK, Facebook Instant Drupal, TYPO3 CMS, Joomla, Magento, Shopware, PrestaShop, phpMyAdmin, Composer, Wikimedia and many more.

Many well-known projects or individual components of projects have been implemented with Symfony, for example these:

  • Spotify
  • BlablaCar
  • Vogue France / Netherland
  • Yahoo!
  • Dailymotion
  • Trivago

Interested in taking a look at the Symfony doc?

At Brain Appeal we have subscribed to https://symfonycasts.com for our team. The videos are up to date and cover extensive topics. The perfect start for beginners.



Also based on PHP and partly on Symfony is the content management system TYPO3. It is one of the Enterprise CMS, which means that it can be used without problems for

  • extensive
  • multinational
  • multilingual
  • complex
  • individual
  • etc.

websites can be used. As a TYPO3 professional, you can set TYPO3 exactly as the customer wants it and the project requires it. Other systems can be connected via interfaces to exchange data.

Technology stack - details

Experienced developers will surely be interested in the other tools we use on a daily basis. Well, these are some of them. The list is not and cannot be complete. Besides, our tools change from time to time. If you miss a great tool, introduce it to the Brain Appeal team. Good things prevail!

  • JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Vue.js
  • PHP, Symfony, Doctrine, MySQL, MariaDB
  • GIT, GitLab, Pipelines
  • Docker

Technology stack - Tools

  • PhpStorm: currently the best development environment for professional development with PHP
    Due to the great performance and customizability of PHPStorm, we can implement all PHP and JavaScript development in PHPStorm.
    Working with PHPStorm is efficient and definitely fun!
  • Webpack: is an opensource JavaScript module packer
    In modern web applications, frontend resources are modular. This leads to better performance and user experience.
  • Redmine: prevents the chaos
  • Linux command line: often still the best tool ;-)
  • Sentry: helps to find errors in the shortest time,

Your workplace

  • In a quiet office location in Mannheim Seckenheim(Maps)
  • Modern, bright offices (with DarkMode)
  • Small offices: in pandemic times for 1, otherwise 2 persons
  • With air conditioning
  • With kitchen, baker Edgar, EDEKA around the corner or delivery service
  • Melitta Barista coffee machine with 18 coffee recipes
  • Linux notebooks from Tuxedo or
    Windows notebooks from Dell
  • Development environment PHPStorm
  • Large desks
  • Super comfortable black office chairs
  • 2x 24" monitors individually adjustable on monitor arms
  • Telephone with direct dialing, but only for selected customers

How we work

  • Generally speaking: structured
  • With ticket system
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Realistic deadlines agreed with developers
  • 9 to 5, but also 10 to 6 or 7 to 3 (depending on biorhythm)


Show us what you've got! We look forward to getting to know you!

Insight into the team

Current job offers for developers

TYPO3 Developer (m/f/d)

Full time at Mannheim location / Remote possible

Backend Developer PHP (m/f/d)

Full time at Mannheim location / Remote possible

Web Developer PHP (m/f/d)

Full time at Mannheim location / Remote possible

Symfony Developer (m/f/d)

Full time at Mannheim location / Remote possible

Frontend Developer (m/f/d)

Full time at Mannheim location / Remote possible