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12.12.2023 | Clemens Molinari

More security for TYPO3 websites with brain_protect

TYPO3 is flexible, scalable and popular with companies, institutions and educational establishments of all sizes. Unfortunately, companies, institutions and educational establishments of all sizes are also increasingly the target of cyberattacks. 

There are various measures that can be taken to protect TYPO3 websites from attacks. Among the most important are:

  • (D)DOS protection: (D)DOS attacks attempt to paralyze a website through a flood of requests.
  • Form SPAM protection: Forms are a popular target for SPAM bots.

We have therefore developed our new brain_protect solution for TYPO3 to provide additional protection against these types of attack. The methods we use are less intrusive than a captcha, but more effective than honeypots or JavaScript obfuscation. 

The setup is very simple: you install the extension and the additional protection is active. You do not need to configure anything.

(D)DOS protection:

brain_protect defuses (D)DOS attacks before they reach the PHP frontend of TYPO3 and before TYPO3 opens a database connection. This protects the memory-hungry frontend and keeps the website stable.

Form SPAM protection:

brain_protect signs the field values of forms. This prevents SPAM bots from reading and sending the form data. All Extbase forms are protected by default.

The advantages are obvious:

- Effective protection against (D)DOS attacks and form SPAM

- Less intrusive than a captcha

- More effective than honeypots or JavaScript obfuscation

  • Can be implemented in compliance with GDPR
  • Very easy to use

brain_protect is a simple and effective solution for the additional protection of TYPO3 websites. It is ideal to better protect your websites from cyberattacks without compromising the user experience.

Would you like to find out more? Just contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.