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28.10.2022 | Jörg Oswald

Campus Events Documentation

Our popular Campus Events tool has always been intuitive to use and self-explanatory. Due to the growing need for new functions, more and more options have been added over the last 5 years, making Campus Events even easier to use.

Due to the variety of functions, it was time to tackle the Campus Events documentation. Since April we have been working on

  • instructions
  • screenshots
  • videos
  • explanations
  • FAQs
  • release notes
  • etc.

Even if the documentation is not yet complete, we would like to draw your attention to it now.

You can find the help for Campus Events at https://hilfe.campus-events.com




Campus Events tool

Never heard of Campus Events? You can find all information about Campus Events at www.campus-events.com. You are also welcome to contact us personally.