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14.04.2022 | Jennifer Blum

Compatibility update of the Campus Events TYPO3 Extensions

On April 01, updates of three of our free TYPO3 extensions for connecting the event tool Campus Events were published in the TER (TYPO3 Extension Repository).

With the update to version 3.x all three extensions are now compatible with TYPO3 versions 10 LTS and 11 LTS and can be used flexibly.

For TYPO3 versions 8 LTS & 9 LTS versions 2.X are still available. Since support for TYPO3 systems in versions 8.x & 9.x has already expired, we recommend an update to TYPO3 CMS version 11 LTS.

The extensions at a glance:

Connects Campus Events to TYPO3, so that the event data from Campus Events can be imported as records into TYPO3.
To the extension campus_events_connector in TER

Conversion of event records from Campus Events into TYPO3 News records, so that they can be processed with the TYPO3 News plugin.
To the extension campus_events_convert2news in TER

Enables the display of campus events records in the frontend of the website independent of the use of the TYPO3 News Extension.
To the extension campus_events_frontend in TER

Campus Events tool

Never heard of Campus Events? You can find all information about Campus Events at www.campus-events.com. You are also welcome to contact us personally.


Jörg Oswald