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05.01.2022 | Jennifer Blum

Interview Daniel

BA: Hi Daniel!

Daniel: Hello!

BA: You've been with us for some time now. To start with, tell us something about yourself - who are you, what do you do...?

Daniel: My name is Daniel and I've been a developer at Brain Appeal since April 2021. I'm originally from Koblenz and joined Brain Appeal during the final phase of my computer science studies. After living in Mannheim for almost a year now, I have settled in well here and can only consider myself lucky.

BA: That's very nice. And how did it come about that you applied to Brain Appeal?

Daniel: I think this is the right time to thank my mediator on the one hand, who found the perfect job for me after two months, and on the other hand also Jörg, who didn't throw the application straight into the garbage can despite the high number of semesters of study. In the end, everything went so quickly that I was already holding the employment contract in my hand after what felt like a week after I first learned about the position. There is no question of a normal application process here.

BA: What do you particularly like about the job? Why do you do the job you do today?

Daniel: It was clear to me when I got my first PC as a child that I would work in IT one day. Later, during my studies, I quickly became interested in programming. In my spare time, I programmed simple AIs on Codingame, which competed against AIs of other programmers. My first HiWi job at university was web development with Symfony, so basically exactly what I do today at Brain Appeal. What I like most about my job, or programming in general, is the same thing that got me into the chess club. There is hardly anything better for me than being challenged and looking for creative solutions. I can count myself among the lucky people who enjoy their profession.

BA: How do you get along in the team?

Daniel: Excellent! Right from the interview, it was clear that there is a strong focus on teamwork here, and I immediately felt in good hands. Right from the start, I was introduced to the company and my tasks by my experienced colleagues and I found it very easy to integrate into the open-minded team. There is always someone to talk to if you need help, even if the broken-down car has to be towed to the next workshop after work...

The training also exceeded all expectations. Right from the start, I was given complete trust and was integrated into ongoing projects in no time at all. I was given a lot of freedom in implementing my first tasks, which is not a matter of course for a young professional like me. It was also explicitly communicated that there were no expectations of me at the beginning and I was able to let off steam and prove myself without any pressure. I think we surprised each other with how quickly I was actually able to participate productively in the team. I was also involved in the conception from the beginning and contributing ideas was always welcomed. There was never a situation where I was made to feel like I was "the new guy".

BA: So and finally, as always, here's our favorite question: what has been your best moment with us so far?

Daniel: It's hard to pick just one best moment. The company events, like our own Oktoberfest, are definitely among the highlights. I've half died laughing at the games we've played together.

But one situation at work in particular has stuck in my mind. I hadn't been at work for a month and moved into my current office, where there was no keyboard ready yet. So I went to Jörg's office, who was talking to Christopher, to ask for a keyboard. I came out with three keyboards, two mice, mouse pads, pads and pens and if I hadn't already been fully loaded, they probably would have put two screens under my arms.

I was then able to just try everything out and then kept the hardware that I liked the best. And when I asked about home office options, I was barely done with my question and already had a monitor for home in hand. Here, in addition to a never-ending availability of cookies and cakes, everything is done to ensure top working conditions and satisfied employees.

BA: Yes, Haxen und Faxen - our Oktoberfest - is always fun. Thank you for your open and honest answers. We're glad to have you with us.

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