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08.11.2021 |

"...three cheers!" - Brain Appeal congratulates

What do the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen, LIFT - the Stuttgart Magazine and the company ROSESOFT from Ludwigshafen have in common? They are customers of Brain Appeal. What else? This year, all three are celebrating an anniversary. Our warmest congratulations!

50th anniversary of the University of Applied Sciences, Ludwigshafen

The University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen am Rhein is now 50 years old. Brain Appeal congratulates! The "HWG-LU" probably gave itself the best present - and we were allowed to realize it: The anniversary page. Integrated into the official university website, the anniversary page ties in with the conventional layout, but at the same time expands it with various celebratory features. For example, the golden shimmer in the color concept, international congratulatory videos, an animated timeline on which the most important milestones in Ludwigshafen's university history are listed - and a slider for the numerous events in the anniversary year. Of course, a good anniversary celebration also includes looking to the future. We look forward to continuing to be part of Ludwigshafen University: Together with HWG-LU, we are continuously working on the technology and the layouts of the website, so that a visit to the website will remain a pleasant and contemporary experience in the future.

More: www.hwg-lu.de/50-jahre-hwg-lu

30 years of "LIFT - the Stuttgart magazine

Stuttgart's city magazine LIFT is also celebrating a big birthday: 30 years ago, the magazine first appeared under this name. Inconspicuously included here is another small anniversary: Five years ago, Brain Appeal took over the maintenance of the website www.lift-online.de. The heart of the website was and is the large event database: 60,000 events are announced on lift-online.de every year. When Brain Appeal took over responsibility for the website in 2016, it was first necessary to eliminate some stability problems that had regularly led to crashes up to that point. Since then, we have expanded the site technically and kept improving it. With everything that goes with it and is attached to it: We have set up a responsive TYPO3 newsletter. And we optimized the "importer" of event, restaurant and shopping data. We also added a "Nearby" function to the search. In general, something is always found now that we have revised the search - there are no longer "empty results". All so that people can quickly and reliably see what they like. On lift-online.de and in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. Congratulations!

More: www.lift-online.de/lift-aktuell/30-jahre-lift-fakten/

25 years ROSESOFT GmbH & Co. KG

Is it particularly demanding to design a website for a company that programs software itself? Does a company's content need to be treated with extra care if it touches on sensitive areas, such as taxes and finances? The answer is no. At Brain Appeal, we always hold ourselves to the same high standards. The company ROSESOFT from Ludwigshafen creates software for tax consultants, companies and income tax assistance associations. When ROSESOFT commissioned us four years ago to completely rebuild their website in TYPO3, which had previously been running on WordPress, we were of course aware of the high level of responsibility involved. After all, ROSESOFT is a traditional company that launched "ESt", the first Windows-based software for tax consultants, on the German market in December 1996. Since then, ROSESOFT has developed numerous other tax programs and created a wide range of solutions for digital communication with the tax authorities. With a new website and corporate design, Brain Appeal was allowed to bring the company into the present. By the way: The first ROSESOFT customer is still working with ROSESOFT products today. 25 years ago, he purchased some disks with the software - today, he gets the updates quickly and conveniently in the customer area that Brain Appeal set up for the website in 2019. We look forward to continuing to meet the high standards of this successful company. Above all, Brain Appeal would like to congratulate ROSESOFT, its founder and CEO Torsten Rosebrock and his team on the company's 25th anniversary!

More: https://rosesoft.de/25-jahre/