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12.02.2021 |

Safer Internet Day 2021

Safer Internet Day (SID) took place on February 9 and we were there!

Safer Internet Day (SID) is a global day of action that has been held annually in February since 2004 under the motto "Together for a better internet". In Germany, it is implemented by our partners klicksafe, an initiative commissioned by the EU Commission.

The day of action aims to draw public attention to the issue of safety on the Net and calls for the Internet to be made a safer and better place. This year, the focus was particularly on the issue of misinformation - or "fake news."

The topic of online safety in particular plays a major role for children and young people, but the theme day is also very clearly aimed at other groups such as parents, teachers and politicians. We support this mission, and are convinced that everyone should do their part to make the Internet safe and to educate fellow human beings about possible dangers.

That's why we were very happy to implement the Social Wall for Klicksafe and this year's Action Day. There, all posts from different hashtags across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are displayed in one central location. This year, the hashtags #WerMachtMeineMeinung, #Faktenschützen as well as #SID21 were highlighted.

In itself, such a social wall is nothing special - however, the data protection implementation is usually a disaster. Our solution, on the other hand, is fully data protection compliant. Normally, connections to third-party servers are established when social walls are called up to display the content. This is not in itself questionable, as long as these third-party connections are pointed out. However, this is usually not the case and therefore difficult in terms of data protection.

With our individually programmed solution, however, all content is first stored on Klicksafe's own servers and then displayed. Thus, no external connections are established and everything is within the legally correct framework.

You can read all the opinions and posts about SID 2021 at www.klicksafe.de/sid2021.

If you would like to take a look at the results of Safer Internet Day 2021 and find out how you can become active yourself at the next SID, you can find all this information at: www.klicksafe.de/ueber-klicksafe/safer-internet-day/sid-2021.