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25.06.2020 |

Interview Florian

BA: Hello Flo! Welcome to Brain Appeal! Glad to have you join our team as a Business Development Manager!

Florian: Hi, I'm glad to hear that too!

BA: Maybe first tell us something about yourself in general, who you are and what you do etc...?

Florian: Okay. Sooo, my name is Flo, I'm 31 years old and I'm originally from Buxtehude (no joke :D). My professional career is quite diversified. In my early 20s I founded my own start-up, worked for other small companies but also global market leaders and corporations. Now I can bring my great passion and ability in building, launching and marketing products to Brain Appeal! :) My hobbies are probably pretty boring: (power)sports, reading and (lots of) food.

BA: Very interesting! And what was the reason you applied here?

Florian: It was a bit like being a virgin. I found the job posting by chance via Google and realized that the description sounded exactly like what I can do and wanted to do again. It kind of fit like "ass on bucket". So I picked up the phone and wanted to briefly ask 1-2 things before submitting my documents. This led to a wonderful "short" 60-minute phone call with Jörg, during which we both (at least I think) realized that this could be a very good fit. In the end, Jörg invited me directly to a personal meeting the next day. That's what I call German efficiency! Jörg gave me an incredibly warm and comfortable feeling right from the start. I had the feeling that business was not the highest priority, but that it was far more important to him to offer his employees a great place to work and to find a good addition to the team. He didn't just rattle off the typical "this is who we are and this is what we offer", but also sincerely inquired what I actually expected from an employer and if Brain Appeal could offer that as well. After another 5(!) hours of conversation, it quickly became clear to both of us: We know what we want and would like to work together. 1.5 weeks later I started.

BA: That's very nice to hear! What do you particularly like about the work?

Florian: Jörg took an incredible amount of time for me right from the start and always made sure that I was well received. What I like best is that I can actually build something new in close coordination with Jörg and generally flat hierarchies. In addition, I have my own area of work and responsibility and can fully contribute my own ideas.

BA: Nice! And how do you get along in the team?

Florian: Very well! Everyone is super nice, accommodating and friendly.

BA: And finally, what has been your best moment with us so far?

Florian: I haven't been here that long - so I can't say too much yet. But in general, the working atmosphere is incredibly pleasant. Not only do we enjoy working together as a team, but we also often spend our free time together. Jörg has done a great job of team building here :). We like to have a beer together after work, have burgers delivered, or even cook together in the office. And the fact that very often someone brings cake should also be emphasized!

BA: Definitely! Well, that's about it! Thank you very much for taking the time!

Florian: Sure! Again and again with pleasure!

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