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04.06.2020 |

Behind the scenes: Baking bread with the master class

A new course for our customer Meisterklasse.de was filmed in Hollywood style on two days: bread baking virtuoso Peter Kapp and star chef Tristan Brand worked together to create breads and the corresponding spreads and dips. We were allowed to be there and also taste! So much in advance: The wait was more than worth it!

Meisterklasse offers a platform that has never been seen before in Germany, which conveys learning content with high-quality video courses. Meisterklasse specializes in the food sector and works with world-class instructors such as Harald Wohlfahrt, the only 3-star chef in Germany. In addition, course-specific practice and learning materials are also provided. Unique is furthermore that members can interact and discuss with each other, but also with the lecturers themselves, on their own and closed community platform.

As an innovative startup with specific and highly complex requirements, we need an experienced and reliable partner who not only has the ability to understand the customer, but can also implement these requirements with an eye for detail from the very beginning. Therefore, we were even more pleased to be allowed to implement the master class project since 2018. In doing so, we took over the complete technical conception, development and support of the startup on Brain Appeal's self-developed frameworks.

In addition to the preceding conception, the project included a pure development time of 6 months. The launch of the master class took place in May 2019.

For the technical implementation of the website, the following activities were taken over:

  • Database modeling
  • Customized Responsive Design
  • Community function
  • Registration and login either with your own e-mail address or authentication via Facebook
  • Connection and setup of all common payment methods via interface from Stripe
  • Automated creation of vouchers via batch function
  • Integration of the newsletter provider MailChimp
  • Design of automated, non-newsletter relevant, e-mails

We were also able to successfully solve one of the client's biggest concerns and requirements. Thus, the detailed and intensive preparation of financial accounting of international purchases based on international tax law is automated by the developed software.

This preparation records the account framework for accounting according to SKR04. The accounting records are prepared in such a way that they are automatically posted to the corresponding debtor/creditor accounts and prepared for DATEV without further manual processing. This results in minimal effort for post-processing and extreme efficiency gains for the master class overall.

The master class is more than satisfied with this: "We are very happy that the implementation of the project went so smoothly. As with any project, there were several unforeseen challenges to solve. However, Brain Appeal provided us with excellent advice throughout with their decades of expertise and always presented extremely well thought-out solutions. We are more than satisfied with the result and thank them for the good cooperation!".

We are also looking forward to the good cooperation as well as future joint projects!