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07.02.2020 |

Safer Internet Day 2020

This year's international #SaferInternetDay2020 takes place next week on February 11. Under the motto "Together for a better internet", the European Commission's initiative calls for events and actions around the topic of online safety worldwide.

Like last year, #klicksafe in Germany is coordinating various activities for #SID2020 with the aim of getting people of all ages to get active and promote awareness of the topic "Safer Internet". To this end, klicksafe is focusing on the topic "Idols on the net. Influencers & power of opinion" with the hashtag #checkwemdufolgst.

We also want to get active and draw attention to the topic of safety on the net and have created the #profileimagegenerator of SID2020 for this purpose. With just a few clicks, you can give your profile picture an SID frame and thus draw attention to Safer Internet Day on any social media channel.

How you can also participate in Safer Internet Day and become active yourself, as well as more information at the following link: https://www.klicksafe.de/ueber-klicksafe/safer-internet-day/sid-2020/

Link to the profile picture generator: https://www.klicksafe.de/ueber-klicksafe/safer-internet-day/sid-2020/sid-profilbild/