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08.03.2016 | Jörg Oswald

Support for Internet agencies through smart TYPO3 monitoring

If agencies want to offer good service, they cherish and maintain their clients' websites. Because this is of course connected with a lot of work, this service is not always put in the foreground. With the TYPO3 Monitoring System - T3Monitor- the amount of work is reduced immensely and provides regular income through system maintenance.

Service-oriented TYPO3 agencies offer their clients maintenance and servicing of websites. The task of the agency is to determine for which website (security) updates are available and then to install them in the CMS. Likewise, the space on the hard disk, the database and the versions of PHP and MySQL should be kept in view. Monitoring websites means a lot of hard work for Internet agencies and is therefore sometimes neglected at the expense of security.

TYPO3 agencies now get active support from the smart TYPO3 monitoring service T3Monitor. The public BETA phase of the web service ended at the end of February. Before that, dedicated testers have extensively checked the system. The feedback flowed directly into the further development and was implemented. The T3Monitor is a stable, reliable tool that has already become indispensable for many BETA testers.

Since March 1, 2016, the online monitoring service www.t3monitor.de is now available for the popular content management system (CMS) TYPO3. 
Everyone can convince themselves of the performance of the T3Monitor:
Whoever signs up now can test the T3Monitor free of charge in full functionality for 2 months with 5 domains. The test phase is not a subscription and ends automatically after 2 months.