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16.04.2015 | Brain Appeal

TYPO3 User Group Rhein Neckar

For all of you who couldn't be there yesterday, I would like to put a short summary online. For yesterday's TYPO3 User Group Rhein Neckar we could welcome 10 TYPO3 enthusiasts in our premises.

Christian Händel from the Marketing Team kicked things off with information about the TYPO3 Association General Assembly 2015 (AGM) on 14.04.2015 in Essen, followed by a discussion of the topic. The most important decision for the future of TYPO3 and NEOS is the establishment of a company. This is intended to create company-like structures and in this sense also act as a company on the market. This means that managing directors will be appointed, departments will be created and product owners for TYPO3 and NEOS will be appointed. Decisions on further development will then probably be more market-oriented. As an association, the influence and the right of co-decision of the members should continue to be possible. Until the next general meeting in 2016, therefore, it will not yet be possible to create facts, but initially only decidable templates will be created.

A round table discussion was also reported. The topic here was the external presentation of the scope of services of TYPO3 and NEOS and the associated expectations. The fact that the announcement and the actually experienced features were more and more different was the trigger for the round table. The controversy was continued in the user group.

We had another exchange of ideas about the reasons why we use TYPO3 and why we feel that there are less young TYPO3 developers coming up. For the first part of the discussion, there seemed to be a consensus that the majority of those present came into contact with PHP and CMS at a time when the choice was very limited. Many looked to the market at the time, developed their own CMS if necessary, and ultimately arrived at TYPO3. The reason why there are less young TYPO3 developers is probably due to the fact that nowadays there is a very wide range of Content Management Systems, which are extremely mature in the tenth generation. Young people interested in web topics will probably rather deal with a simpler CMS like WordPress than with a CMS like TYPO3, which has reached a scale that means too big a barrier to entry. And for the use with private websites for club, hobby etc. smaller CMS are usually sufficient. That the Enterprise CMS TYPO3 can be used for a larger and more complex purpose is obvious, but for beginners without corresponding requirements ultimately technologically not the first choice.

And of course, in addition to a social get-together with pizza, salad and drinks, the User Group never lacks questions about TYPO3 and their solutions, experiences or tips from others. I always find the open exchange of experiences between agencies interesting.

Many thanks to all participants and see you next time!



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