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11.03.2015 | Brain Appeal

Review of the DHBW Mannheim Info Day

Duale Hochschule presented new service offer "Bewerber Börse" at the Infoday 2015.


DHBW Mannheim Study Information Day
"With about 200 information booths of partner companies, institutions and study programs as well as more than 5,000 visitors, the study information day of DHBW Mannheim enjoyed an extraordinary interest again this year.

The new online applicant exchange of the DHBW Mannheim, which was activated just in time for the study information day, also met with great interest. There, applicants for study places and companies meet virtually in search of a suitable student or a suitable company. Finally, students were able to use MathX3 to find out in an online self-test whether they are already fit for studying at DHBW and how they can remedy any gaps." [1]


New Applicant Exchange for Prospective Students and Dual Partners Successfully Launched at DHBW Mannheim
"For some time now, we have observed that it is not always easy for applicants to filter out the companies in their application phase that exactly match their desired course of study, since they are applying directly to the companies and not to us at DHBW. On the other hand, it is increasingly difficult for our partner companies to find suitable and qualified applicants. In particular, the small and medium-sized "hidden champions" of our partner companies are often not sufficiently noticed by applicants. So we thought about how we can bring applicants and companies together in a different way than the classic application and with the applicant exchange we simply turned the normal procedure around", Prof. Dr. Andreas Föhrenbach, Prorector of DHBW Mannheim, explains the new service.

The exchange was launched in time for the study information day last Saturday and has since enjoyed great demand. In just a few days, around 150 companies and over 100 applicants have registered. New users are joining every day. [2]


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