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05.03.2015 | Brain Appeal

DHBW Mannheim launches applicant exchange

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Mannheim is launching a new free service today. The online platform Applicant Exchange brings prospective students and training companies into contact.

Prospectivestudents enter their applicant profile once on the platform and provide details of the courses they want to study and where they want to work (Germany-wide/regionally). They are then contacted by training partners who have become aware of the profile.

Training companies no longer have to wait for applications, but can find candidates who are a perfect fit. They can use parameterized search queries to filter out prospective students. Useful functions are available for organizing the profiles found. Each company has the option of adding profiles to its own watch lists or exclusion lists. In addition, each profile can be rated and commented on for the company's own use. This saves an additional administration system for applicants and enables teamwork.

In addition, the first contact can be made via the integrated messaging system. As soon as a company marks a prospective student as "hired", the profile is blocked for other companies. This procedure ensures that only available candidates are ever found in the applicant exchange.

Two iPad mini will be raffled among applicants who post a complete profile by April 30, 2015.

Brain Appeal carried out the requirements analysis and conception of the portal together with DHBW Mannheim. Subsequently, Brain Appeal realized layout, usability as well as the development of the software.

To the applicant exchange: