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23.05.2014 | Brain Appeal

Brain Appeal releases free TYPO3 extension Tree Copier

With the Tree Copier a new TYPO3 extension is available for free download.

TYPO3 extensions are a dime a dozen. And we have already developed many extensions for us and our customers. We do this whenever there is no suitable TYPO3 extension for a requirement in the TER(TYPO3 Extension Repository). Almost always, the resulting extensions are very individual and tailored for a customer. Of course we could make them available to all others via the TER, but does that make sense? Mostly no, because then the TER would be full of individual extensions that nobody can use without customization. And before you get an extension into your website, which you don't know at first and whose code needs to be understood and customized, it's better to develop your own extension yourself.

This is what the world has been waiting for!
an extension has made it, which we would like to make available to the general public, because it is so general that it will surely be used more often.

Extension: Brain Tree Copier
When using Multi Tree installations, i.e. when several websites are hosted in one TYPO3 installation, the Tree Copier supports the creation of new structures.

In one of our projects, the page structure of the main page was first set up in English and filled with content. Only after that, the individual page trees for the country pages should be added, each of which should also have a page in English. For the most part, the contents should be identical, but individual deviations should be possible here and there.

The Tree Copier copies the page tree structure from below a source page below a second page, the target page. However, no page content is copied, only the structure (otherwise we wouldn't need the extension, right?). At the same time, the setting "Show content of [corresponding source page]" is set for each page of the new page tree (copy). The source and target pages can be conveniently specified in the backend. The extension does the rest.

After the page tree is copied, individual pages can be explicitly filled with new content if needed. All other pages get the content of the source page.

What are the advantages of this?
, a large page structure can be conveniently copied to other areas. This does not require double the storage space , since the contents of the copy are only included. This also keeps the future maintenance effort low, because most of the content only needs to be maintained in the main page and the individual country pages simply display the new content.

Have fun with the extension! If you have any questions or feedback about our extension, just leave a comment!

More info and download at TER