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The Internet is not new territory for us.

Get professional support from Brain Appeal. We develop software and websites with TYPO3, Symfony and brains. We approach your project systematically and solve it with our expert knowledge and experience - since 1998.

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A wide range of solutions for your challenges.

When projects become extensive and complicated, you need
good tools and the knowledge to use them correctly.

TYPO3 consulting and customization: Tailor-made solutions for your success

TYPO3 is a comprehensive content management system and needs to be skillfully installed, maintained, set up and used to unleash its immense capabilities. That's why our experienced web agency team of TYPO3 experts, supporters and programmers are on hand to provide you with comprehensive TYPO3 consulting and customization to ensure your website is not only functional, but also future-proof. We understand that every business requirement is unique and customize TYPO3 accordingly to meet your specific needs.

We specialize in TYPO3 relaunches. 

TYPO3 is as complex as the requirements of the customers who use it. At the latest when TYPO3 updates are due, it is worth taking a step back and looking: what can be done better? Should we really update or is a TYPO3 ELTS version the right choice? What should be modernized? What needs to be done to ensure security and data protection? Is the web hosting suitable or should you move? What is needed for your eCommerce today? As a TYPO3 service provider, we offer competent support in relaunching your TYPO3 website to ensure that it is modern, appealing, technically up to date and can be operated economically.

Innovative TYPO3 Extensions:
Discover more possibilities.

Our TYPO3 extensions are designed to extend the functionality of your website and make it more efficient and user-friendly. Do you need a TYPO3 webshop? We have a TYPO3 webshop. You want to connect TYPO3 with DeepL to translate your websites automatically and correctly into many languages? We have an extension for this. Would you like to give your TYPO3 better protection against DDOS and cross-scripting attacks and form spam? We have the right extension. Would you like to integrate YouTube videos and OpenStreetMap in compliance with GDPR? You guessed it: we have an extension for this. And if you have a task for which there is not yet one, we can develop it for you. Last but not least: in order to keep your TYPO3 instance(s) stable, we have created our TYPO3 Monitor, a tool that helps you to immediately recognize when (security) updates of your TYPO3 and the installed extensions are due.

Our solutions for your efficiency: time recording, event calendars and more

In addition to our TYPO3 services, we also offer a range of our own products as stand-alone solutions.

Our digital time recording solution helps you to manage working times efficiently, also in modern working environments with home office and mobile work. As one of the few systems, our Campus Time system is also suitable for e.g. the collective agreement of the federal states (TV-L) or the collective agreement of the public service (TVöD).
Our event calendar system Campus Events simplifies the management of your events enormously, and the range of functions leaves nothing to be desired.
Campus Mails is our powerful system for sending mass e-mails to optimize your communication - it can be configured centrally for a uniform appearance and is also very easy to use at department level. 
For educational institutions, colleges, universities and dual study programs in particular, we have a number of other solutions for today's challenges.